While rural Australians have a long history of using water tanks to augment their water supply, such measures are relatively new to urban areas. However, high populations and water usage rates have increased water consciousness in Australia's cities. In Brisbane, residents are encouraged to use water tanks as a supplemental water supply, while businesses are required to meet certain water conservation standards. Rainwater tanks are a low-maintenance, practical measure to reduce your water consumption. Tanks can be used to supply water to toilets, washing machines and other household appliances. Water from plastic tanks can also be used for consumption, but you should make sure that the water quality is consistently high before using rainwater for cooking or drinking. If you own a business in Brisbane, water tanks are one way to reduce your water consumption as mandated by local regulations. Some water tanks in Brisbane require government permits before they can be installed. Any tanks that have internal connections to supply water to buildings must have a permit before installation. You should also obtain a permit before connecting to town water as a backup supply. If there are no such connections, and the tank fits within certain size and location parameters, no permit is needed for most water tanks. A good water tank company should know the permit laws for your area and let you know if permits are necessary. With the growing popularity of water tanks in Brisbane and other Australian cities, these tanks are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and shapes to suit any needs. Depending on these factors, water tanks usually cost between $500 and $8,000, and tanks that require professional installation require extra fees to cover labor. Companies that provide good quality water tanks usually stand behind their products and provide warranties against defects. Even though adding a water tank to your home or business has a high initial expense, it is a wise investment that adds to the property value of your home or business and lowers the cost of your water bill.


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